First days of spring 2017

This winter was really difficult for me…Probably the most difficult one in my life. It was a combination of depression and obsession…but finally at the beginning of spring me and Belka finally decided to explore blooming Kyiv.

Our trip started from my meeting of Tanya coming out of Metro Lva Tolstogo station.


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Jamaica 2016 septebmer

I dared to visit Jamaica despite it was I guess the biggest challenge in my life ….

Thanks God, everything went well. Many thanks to those ones, who supported me, as 3 months before the trip I was really worried….

My route was following: Kyiv ––> Brussels (2 days in total I spent in Brussels, Belgium) ––> Montego Bay (Jamaica, 2 weeks) ––> Brussels ––> Gdansk ––> Kyiv.

The trip, to say the truth, was really difficult, because of long flights, stress, but it was a great experience in my silly life.

By the way, Ukrainians don’t need visa to Jamaica, so I did only European visa and got it for 6 months (although I make some tricks with an embassy, as I applied in Latvia embassy, however didn’t pass through Riga at all 🙂

This is a short report on my trip 🙂

This is from what it all began…10 mins left till the aircraft will reach Jamaican land.


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Trip to United Arab Emirates!

This time I was really keen on visiting one of the richest countries in the world! United Arab Emirates.

My trip started from Boryspil International Airport at 4 p.m. on the 29th of January (some hours before I just finished my last exam at university:)


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Winter in Kiev

This January 2016 is extremely and unpredictably cold! -20 C.

Kiev is full of festivals and joy 🙂 Even in this suffering weather people still find the happiness staying on the freeze and dancing to the music that is playing outside.

Every piece of nature is covered with snow.

Let the really holy days begin =)

Trip to Budapest!

November 2015 was memorable with my trip to Budapest! I planned it in far advance, had troubles with making visa but finally went there as nobody can influence my decision.

I was a long trip: the whole day on the way.


But lastly having got to the capital city of Hungary, I started my subtrip by discovering the nightlife of Budapest!

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Do appreciate what you have

Years earlier I didn’t dive profoundly into this sense. Life was going on, sometimes passing by, but always stable. Step by step, gradually I was achieving all the goals and aims…but suddenly everything went wrong…I would even say — down. This is what is called ‘the bottom’ though till somebody will knock underarm 🙂

I am not the philosopher to spread this among masses, but I am nooone to be listened.


These are some photos from my last second trip my ma mam to the Carpathians.

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The Carpathians! (trip №1)

Me and my Mother decided to visit one the of the best places in Ukraine — famous Carpathians mountains! But this time our rout was supposed to cross such spots as thermal springs, Mukachevo Castle and other places located behind the Carpathians.

Our way started from the electrotrain from Zdolbuniv (my hometown) to Lviv (2 hours intercharge) and Lviv — Mukachevo!

We reached the place late night and rent a room in locals near the castle. On the next day we overcame a long distance and finally got there!

This is the old medieval castle still in in use but only for cultural purposes.


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Summer! See where I’ve been an what I’ve seen :)

This summer was the most challengeable. My trip started 1st july by departing from Zhylyany airport (Kiev) and I have taken direction to Cyprus.IMG_3825          IMG_3874

Having spent the whole week there I originally had a plan to visit my friends in Sri Lanka and so I did. For me Sri Lanka was memorable by:

  • IMG_3951
  • meditation (two days during 7 hours each day with a monk)

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Summer time’s coming!

Hey guys! Sorry for no longer writing in the blog. It is related with some delays and health problems. But soon again I need to repeat myself summer is coming and it means it is the time to wide out the places on my personal map.

Снимок экрана 2015-05-29 в 20.52.43

I hope after this summer my mind will be strongly enriched!

All the best!

Снимок экрана 2015-05-29 в 21.00.34

Let our dreams come true`_`

Снимок экрана 2015-03-16 в 20.02.35

Hey guys…these days were full of troubles and I’ve been exhausted with it. No inspiration, no dreams, no intentions…only sadness and feeling the silly life which actually isn’t like so. I decided to escape from Kiev, but not from difficulties. I just wanted to take rest and forget for a while about this SHIT! But now my energy and soul are back again, Kiev inspires me in the new way. Life is getting better and I have full of dreams to will have been realized! Soon I will go to Asia despite the financial situation and another bullshit that only interferes.


IMG_3392Photo powered by Enrique


Kiev! Powered by Marina Vlasenko

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